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Originally Posted by glwxxx
It works here but if you really think it is caused by AF and not your PC, why don't you write a short bugreport to Cloanto instead of mentioning it here? As a customer you get a support.
I doubt they would have the knowledge to fix it. And they don't really deserve for me to waste my time pointing out bugs in their products that should have been caught in testing. If they pay me to do testing for them, THEN I'll send them bug reports.

So you knew (or at least you could read it) it's based on VHS before, why do you complain now?
Well, that quote was from the docs supplied with the package, I doubt whether it's on their site. And if they are legally licensed to include it, why not include the high-quality version??

WinUAE supports them, WHDLoad supports them too... What is the problem? Needless to say the ROM keyfile is part of the license agreement.
Point is that the Kickstarts that are freely available are BETTER than the ones supplied, because they don't need a keyfile. If Cloanto signed some stupid agreement with these lame conditions, that's their problem.

First, such a ROM is not official and therefore it is not an object for licensing thus it cannot be included.
You have a copy of the licensing agreement do you?

Second if you have such a ROM, why you don't use it? Why you want it to be included on CD? Man, this is really the issue why people should not buy the AF.
Just one of 10 or more technical reasons, plus all the ethical reasons, for not buying it. Such as fuck rewarding you for your disgusting behaviour.

What to say. Cannot you return the product within 30 days or so?
Doubt it. It's not like I paid for it though so why bother?

Yes, another "important" issue.
Doesn't matter to you that Cloanto are lying on their website? And by your association with them that tarnishes YOUR reputation likewise? If they say that 1.3 is included, for example, they should include it! Are you too stupid to understand this?

Were they too tight to pay for the rights to the Extras-Basic disk? So people who want to have WB1.3 STILL have to go download an "illegal" copy.

I am sorry for such an ironic tone, but those "problems" you mentioned do not seem very important to me.

Well, lying has never seemed to be a problem for you OR Cloanto has it?

Saying something is included and not including it isn't important? So if you bought it from them, they could just ship you a blank CD and that would be alright would it? You total dickhead.

Just like someone already said... update the emulator yourself! They can, of course, not press new CD's to send out every time a new version of WinUAE is released. A rather ridicilous comment, I have to add.
At the prices they charge they could afford to burn each copy individually!

For you to go around CLAIMING that there are pirate versions of the games included... is a rather nasty thing to do. Give me one proof of that this would be the truth, and I would be surprised. Spreading such information like you just did could under certain circumnstances, at least here in Sweden, even be considered illegal (if untrue).

Give me one proof that it is NOT the truth! The copyright notices on the games do not say Cloanto, they say other companies. So the onus is on Cloanto to show that they are not illegally pirated versions. Plus, the fact that they are cracked versions shows that they have obviously engaged in piracy at some point to get their hands on them.

Originally Posted by Alyria
They haven't bothered including a 3.9 ROM, instead they force the warm rebooting of the emulator to apply the patches in RAM every time, making bootup times considerably longer than they need to be.

Just like someone already said... there is no official 3.9 ROM... there is ONLY 3.1 ROM's that have been patched either with the Amiga ROM Update supplied with the 2 different update packs (BoingBags) released for, say, OS3.9 or home made patches of the 3.1 ROM... what I am trying to say here is that it is probably not more complicated than their license not allowing them to make an own patch based on the official 3.1 ROM and send it along together with the AmigaForever package.

Well, I haven't read their license agreement, if they have signed such restrictive clauses it's their own fault. So if they don't have the rights to such a ROM why are they trying to shut down sites that have it!? Obviously they aren't the copyright holder are they?

And expecting people to use their illegal, unofficial "OS3.X" with Kickstart 3.1...well, as I pointed out that's just wasting the user's time every time they boot the emulation.

What would be the point of using AmigaForever on an Amiga? Now, really? Other than possibly on an AmigaOne or Pegasos, which are the only Amiga related (or whatever) contenders that might actually have the POWER to emulate an Amiga500, for example... but how big a market do they offer?
Haven't you ever used AmigaUAE? It is a solution to a large variety of compatibility issues, otherwise why do you think it was ported to Amiga in the first place? You lamer. By your reasoning there would also be no point in having DOSBox, VMWare, or any other kind of IBM virtualization/emulation software on an IBM.
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