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Originally Posted by Anubis
If you till now did not see that overpriced kickstart roms together with the rest of junk they sell is one of the reason a lot of newbies will see as obstacle (as long as they don't like to illegaly obtain roms), then I doubt anyone will be able to explain you how cloanto is killin' this community.
If you 'till now did not see that the kickstart roms are included in a package that no one is forced to buy and also failed to see that the newbies most likely will obtain their needed roms in a completely different fashion, no matter legal or not, if they decide not to buy the AmigaForever package I'm hard pressed to say that I am sorry if you honestly think that Cloanto is the reason for newbies not getting into the Amiga emulating scene.

I find your statement just as ironical as you find Cloantos statement about how they have rescued the community from having to deal with lawsuites concerning illegal emulation, and so forth...

Besides, like having been said something that feels like a thousand times... Cloanto is not the owners of those ROM's, they have simply licensed them... and if Cloanto isn't interested in offering a simplpe ROM package for a greatly reduced price, then it isn't Cloanto that should be bashed for the lack of legally free ROM's... it is the owners! It might very well be that Cloanto isn't allowed to do anything with the ROM's but to include them in the AmigaForever package... their license might forbid it! Why is that possability so hard to see? Why is it so hard to understand that there might be other things at work here others than 'Cloanto being greedy bastards'?

Originally Posted by Anubis
If closure of couple of amiga dedicated web sites together with rest of sites on the same account is not good enough reason for you to see how Cloanto is killin' amiga community, still no one will be able to help you here to see... How many amiga's web sites got closed because of Cloanto??
Cloanto might have filed for closure of a certain site... while the company hosting the sites might have decided to close all of the sites down, or, Cloanto might have been aiming at closing all the related sites down already from the start. What do I know? Which sites have Cloanto been part, directly or indirectly, of closing? Based on what reasons? As far as you know?

In any way, Cloanto might hold a responsability of protecting what they have licensed... forcing them to not pretend like what they are supposed to protect isn't spread all over the net. I mean, there are SO MANY FACTORS which I don't have the slighest clue about... why this or that have happened...

PLEASE enlighten me... and stay to the facts...
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