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>>1. I tried playing one of their "preconfigured" games, picked one at random (Zoom), and it crashes the whole machine (not just UAE but Windows itself too) before you even get to start playing.

Never had that happen here. Probably a Windows issue (incorrect DirectX, etc.).
Nonsense, the game is fine when I use my own setup, either the configuration provided is plain wrong, or the obsolete UAE provided isn't compatible with it. Either way this is something that would have been caught by the most basic testing. Nothing wrong with my DirectX, I have hundreds of Windows programs that use DirectX, all of which work fine.

So update it (if you're using Windows just use the Cloanto Update proggy). It's not like they continuously press CDs to keep up with WinUAE versions.
Firstly, that assumes an Internet connection, which obviously I do have, but not everyone. Plus why should I have to update it because they have supplied obsolete software? I don't see why they can't press CDs more than once every year or so. It's not my problem, it's Cloanto's responsibility not to include outdated buggy crap.

I disagree. I have both and they both look the same to me. Neither are DV quality.
I have both too, and you are talking crap. From Cloanto's own provided documentation:

"The original sources of all videos usually were NTSC VHS tapes, often chosen from the best version of multiple available ones, and in a few cases combining the best data from different tapes."

Ask Dave Haynie if you don't believe what Cloanto and me are saying. Plus, try watching the damn thing, you'll see that all the extras (which were added to the proper DVD version) are missing, it's based solely on the 1994 VHS release.

There is no official OS3.9 ROM. Why would they include a hacked ROM that may cause compatibility issues???
I've been using such a ROM for nearly a year with no issues. Plus the "OS3.X" they include is not an "official" release and likewise could cause compatibility issues.

I installed Personal Paint on my Amiga straight from the AF CD.
Your point being...? This qualifies as supporting the Amiga, including something that is free (not to mention obsolete) anyway?

Not sure where you got the notion that it is Windows only. You can use everything in the built in KXLight and/or other Linux distributions.
All the user-friendly stuff that is their main selling point is only for Windows though. "ROM and OS files can be used for emulation on other platforms but may be unsupported and may require download and manual installation."
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