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[QUOTE=Alyria]Wrong. Before anyone wastes their money on this crap, note the following points:

1. I tried playing one of their "preconfigured" games, picked one at random (Zoom), and it crashes the whole machine (not just UAE but Windows itself too) before you even get to start playing.

Never had that happen here. Probably a Windows issue (incorrect DirectX, etc.).

2. The version of UAE they supply is obsolete and unsupported.
So update it (if you're using Windows just use the Cloanto Update proggy). It's not like they continuously press CDs to keep up with WinUAE versions.

3. The Deathbed Vigil DVD supplied is not the extended, digitally-remastered one made by Dave Haynie for DVD release, it is instead one that was digitized from an old VHS tape: image/sound quality is very poor and the extras are missing.
I disagree. I have both and they both look the same to me. Neither are DV quality.

7. They haven't bothered including a 3.9 ROM, instead they force the warm rebooting of the emulator to apply the patches in RAM every time, making bootup times considerably longer than they need to be.
There is no official OS3.9 ROM. Why would they include a hacked ROM that may cause compatibility issues???

10. No support for actually using the thing on anything other than Windows. Eg. like an Amiga. Obviously they don't care about the Amiga community.
I installed Personal Paint on my Amiga straight from the AF CD.

Not sure where you got the notion that it is Windows only. You can use everything in the built in KXLight and/or other Linux distributions.
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