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Originally Posted by viddi
Cloanto did / do a great job.
Wrong. Before anyone wastes their money on this crap, note the following points:

1. I tried playing one of their "preconfigured" games, picked one at random (Zoom), and it crashes the whole machine (not just UAE but Windows itself too) before you even get to start playing.

2. The version of UAE they supply is obsolete and unsupported.

3. The Deathbed Vigil DVD supplied is not the extended, digitally-remastered one made by Dave Haynie for DVD release, it is instead one that was digitized from an old VHS tape: image/sound quality is very poor and the extras are missing.

4. There is nothing anywhere to suggest that the commercial games included have been included legally, they are pirate versions. Hypocrites.

5. Most of the software supplied is just demo versions, eg. ClassAct.

6. The ROMs supplied are worse than those that are freely available: they don't work without stuffing around with keyfiles etc.

7. They haven't bothered including a 3.9 ROM, instead they force the warm rebooting of the emulator to apply the patches in RAM every time, making bootup times considerably longer than they need to be.

8. The HDF files that were apparently supposed to be included are missing.

9. The only Workbench which is there in full is 3.1 (6 disks), all the rest are just the first disk only.

10. No support for actually using the thing on anything other than Windows. Eg. like an Amiga. Obviously they don't care about the Amiga community.

All this is for the 2006 "Pro" edition, ie. the one that is supposed to be good!! I only checked it out for about an hour, I'm sure there are many more problems too.
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