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Originally Posted by Whitesnake
The game does a lot of non implemented features that are not present in Shapeshifter.
Oki. Well, I haven't really tried that many games... but the ones I have tried have worked pretty well (except Worms that simply doesn't look good when scrolling around the screen).

The main reason why I ever started using ShapeShifter was that on my Blizzard 1230 equiped A1200 Sim City 2000 ran so insanely much faster under ShapeShifter than it did in its native Amiga version... that I later on could play games like Alone In The Dark, Monkey Island, Monkey Island 2, Indiana Jones And The Fate Of Atlantis in full 256 colour glory (and updated GUI for the original Monkey Island) and WarCraft 2 was merely a bonus... Sim City 2000 was the main reason for me using ShapeShifter...

So, had it not been for Maxis not putting any effort at all into the Amiga version of Sim City 2000, I am not so sure I ever would have bothered about the 68k Mac... or, rather, emulating it...

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