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Originally Posted by Legerdemain
Hm... did Worms scroll smoothly on any kind of x86 Mac? When reading what you wrote I just came to think of the fact that I can't recall having seen one single x86 Macintosh game that scrolls smoothly... (and when running ShapeShifter on RTG/060 Worms doesn't scroll smoothly at all, while still being perfectly playable).
Don't you mean 68k Mac? If so then it does scroll smoothly. Shapeshifter the emulator pretty much craps out when trying to emulate Worms and Lemmings and quite a lot of other high resolution games.
Also you can't compare the Shapeshifter emulator to real 68k Mac performance.
For example it won't run Dark Forces, Shapeshifter is decent for desktop stuff just not games.
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