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Originally Posted by amiga
Please, don't bother trying these amiga look-a-likes!
It's a Wasted Effort (TM)...
You are quite correct, but I suffer from an odd point of view when it comes to Amiga(s).

- A real Amiga is a combination of OS+hardware, so only a Classic system fits the bill. Anything else is 'just' nonsense, especially given all the moonshine that has followed the fall of C=. The Amiga is a retro-hobby but for the few loonies who think it may rise again, or the shisters who are trying to wring any remaining money from it! -


I've never owned a 'real amiga'.
My exposure has been first via WinUAE ( Tony ) & then Amithlon which has made 3.9 my main day-to-day OS.
( Multi-booting - I'm not completely mad )
AmigaOS in terms of both architecture and use seems 'right' to me. I have little paracticable interest in the hardware beyond emulation.

My problem is that 3.9 is no-longer developed & neither is Amithlon beyond what G.C. does to the kernel. The point is coming where if I still want to put my favoured OS to some useful work ( the march of PC hardware is making compatability issues harder to deal with ) I will eventually need to look for a better supported Amiga-like enviroment.

-How I wish x86 & PCI had been the offical migration choices of the past, though @ the time it would have made little sense-

So I look to AOS4, MOS, or most likely AROS as my next step...

One person with just about every point of view - scary.

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