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Originally Posted by Eny-
What I'm trying to say is that Cloanto's business strategy is not to develop new AMIGA solutions neither improve on them. Yes, they are selling AE, which IMO is a good piece of software (and they have the right to sell THAT). But in the process they are forbidding people from getting a 20 year old product (which they have the LEGAL right to sell) for free (which should be by now - I'll get to it) so one can play games that can't buy anymore (1st hand).
No... really... they are not forbidding people from getting a 20 year old product for free (unless you mean that they might *POSSIBLY* have done so INDIRECTLY by having licensed the ROM's and the OS's for sale with AmigaForever). But still... let's for a second speculate that Cloanto hadn't licensed the ROM's... even so there is nothing that proves that the ROM's would have been free by now. Nothing at all (unless someone has spoken directly to the owners of the ROM's and the OS's and have gotten the word that is indeed is this way, that Cloanto is the reason for the ROM's not being released to the public for free).

But, on the other hand, yes, there might be a chance that things would have been looking differently if Cloanto hadn't purchased the licenses. But, according to me, that is such a big if that I can find no meaning about thinking about it at all. There are a lot of things that could have been different. Commodore could have put some effort into realising the potential of their hardware developers and gotten some new technology out on the market instead of playing it safe not updating their hardware unless absolutely neccessary. Escom could have played their cards better and not gone bankrupt. Amiga Inc. could have aquired the Commodore trademark and ALL the Amiga related IP's there is and gotten something new out the door since long. Things could have been looking extremely different by now. But it doesn't. And considering all the events that have been happening around Commodore and the Amiga IP's during the years... Cloanto doesn't really seem to play such a big part in it all... besides delivering a good emulation package to those interested (and I think that has been their intention all along, not to pester the Amiga loving community by licensing the ROM's and older OS's making the owners realising that they have got some cash to earn from the software).

But, just like I have said before... I have not got any clue as of what Cloanto has been up to when it comes to being involved in shutting down this or that site on the net. If they have been doing such things, well, then I think it is rather silly of them (but it could also be a matter of them having such a responsability due to the licensing)... but no matter what, it is just a matter of protecting their business. Silly or not. It doesn't really affect my opinion of them as a whole, in any case (but I do not have such a strong opinion on anything related to Cloanto, to be honest, since I have not been in touch with them or their products for a very long time).

Originally Posted by Eny-
Why should it be free? Well, Commodore is not more. I can't buy a new Amiga anymore, I can't buy new amiga games. Next to none software is being developed for it and from what I've read here, the owners of the roms didn't care much if they were being distributed in the net or not (If it's true that it was Cloanto closing all the websites that had them, after acquiring the licenses).
Well... I see your logic, it is perfectly clear to me... and I do in all honesty agree... I too think that the old ROM's and the old Workbenches should have been released to the public quite some time ago, since they are not part of what is being developed as of today under the Amiga brand (mainly OS4, the mentioned OS5 and AmigaForever... that is). But... I tend to put my personal opinons aside when it comes to matters such as this... because my opinions won't change a thing unless they are put into action... like actually trying to convince the owners of the ROM's to release them for free, for example (which, according to me, would be a much more constructive way of dealing with the situation rather than blaming Cloanto for the downfall, and lack of growth, of the remaning Amiga community).

But that is just my personal opinon.

Originally Posted by Eny-
Personally I don't care if Cloanto sells this or that, I rather give my money to the WHDload team or Toni "WinUAE", the ones that in REALITY are keeping the scene alive.
Well... WHDLoad I have registered... and I would say that it is the best piece of software I have ever paid for. I use it on a daily basis and I do almost consider their price tag being ridicilously low. If I would have been a bit richer than I am I would probably register WHDLoad to all of my Amiga owning friends that haven't registered already. Actually, if it hadn't been for WHDLoad my interest in my two A1200's wouldn't have been as big as it is today.

When realising that my towerised A1200 with an Blizzard 1260 card was rather badly suited for gaming (and my setup in general, especially since I have a Mediator/Voodoo solution which gives me the option of either using a regular monitor for RTG in combination with a TV/1084 for native screenmodes, which takes up too much space... or using a non 24-bit scandoubler, since no scandoubler, capable of showing AGA correctly, exists for the A1200, in combination with a monitorswitch to have both AGA and RTG on the same screen... none of those alternatives suited me) I simply bought myself another A1200, put in a large 2.5" HD and a Blizzard 1230 card and registered WHDLoad... it feels almost like a laptop computer that I can bring with me everywhere I go... I am almost having more fun with this setup today than I ever had with my A1200 back in the days when Commodore was still alive and kickin' (and the years thereafter until the commercial aspect of the computer and its software simply went downhill way too far).



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