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a suite matter of choice ?

There are some good arguments raised here in this thread, and normally I would abscond myself from delving into, however I have been moved simply by the passion of ALL those posted here.

You know what I can honestly say I am PROUD to see products I can buy amiga related 15 years past the sale by date, I am honestly moved with the passion of the community fighting so very hard to claim what might be lost...

I am honoured just to be considered a part of this community.

Before I state anything I would like to point out that my views are in no way any more important than anyone else's I can only hope that I can bring a platuea to discuss this matter further before it ventures into the *thread closed* domain due to stagnation.

If this thread was a POLL then I would of voted NO, they dont suck, if however if asked Does CLOANTO hold the amiga community for ransom then perhaps i would have to agree.

However there is a simple way to rectify this, IF cloanto would sell indepently kick-roms this would eleviate a lot presure its not overly fair comparied to say the c64 or spectrum emulation scene and personally I would like to see another company sell such media as well, either as downloadable content or disk (floppy PC/Amiga) to ones door

I do feel discomfort when I see a company hold people to ransom as some see it, after all one cannot have access all those cool games/apps TOSEC or WHD (work by wich was not done by them cannot be used unless you buy from them) . From this point of view its easy to hate such a provider.

but if we flip the coin...

by doing this we change to one of many points of view, but if had sold on my amiga hardware many moons ago, trying to get back into the scene, trying to scratch every post and website just to get a few games and apps here and there.

Looking at Amiga For Ever as a suite or compendium and form this POV it is a good product, several CD's packed with MORE content than an 1MBit DSL line could Download in 12 hours (not to mention how long it would take to find the stuff).

So for Community

Should Kick-roms be free, in my opinion only upto 3.0 versions 3.1 or greater should not be free or atleast have some tangible cost associated with them. i would like to see a lot of GPL release of the version 1x to 3.0 this would premote the community to adapt modify and release specific kickstarts for specific perhaps even NEW hardware like an amiga in a joystick running onf CF cards principle.

Do I hold cloanto to blame for this... I can honeslty say I cannot as much as i might want to. there making good on a bad situation and if it does hurt us fellow amigans i would say it would be absolutly nothing compare to the direction, false promises and complete bollocks from amiga inc.

That being said, nothings exclusive right? do cloanto have exclusive rights for kick-rom re-sale? I doubt amiga inc would lock it in such a way.... surely if one could get a re-sale right then prehaps a non-profit busines could be in order? this i think would show all just what the AMIGA community is made of!

And all those that create for the amiga, albiet compendiums of software, creators of interface for all of such, and new interesting hardware all would be welcome... with open arms welcome back home to the blessed community that they serve....

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