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I understand your point of view.

If the OS and ROMs are free, they Cloanto would not need to pay for the licence, actually nobody would need to pay and OS&ROM would be freely distributable.

AFAIK Cloanto pays for AmigaOS and ROM license in order to make it legally available for others, and for money, of course. It's a company and it's their business. Nothing more, nothing less. I don't think they are the right company to blame for not allowing the people to freely use "20 years old product".

With regards to the age, why people keep saying it's 20 years old? Sure, some parts are really 20 years old, but what about AmigaOS&ROM 3.1? And what about AmigaOS3.9 that is also included in Amiga Forever package? Is it really so old? Needless to say AmigaOS3.9 CD is still available to buy.

Another issue is a belief that "old" products should be free now. No doubt you have my vote but real world doesn't run like this. And it's probably ok, just imagine I'd claim all the "products" older than 20 years as mine or freely usable for everyone! Your house for example

As I already mentioned, I was upset by the current status of MUI, it's almost 10 years since it was updated for the last time - but the author keeps asking the shareware fee for it. Is that OK for you? Even I think the software should be free by now, but I bought the keyfile anyway. I accepted the reality.

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