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Originally Posted by Legerdemain
But do you find it wrong that those that have accuired the IP's, rights or simply licensed software (like Cloanto) or hardware for sale are doing just what they have paid to do... to sell a product?

I mean, Commodore may be no more... but was it wrong that the company that bought the rights to the Amiga continued to compile and sell the A1200 and the A4000? From what you are writing, I can come to no other conclusion! I don't see your logic... sorry! To me it sounds like you are saying that only the ones that originally developed this or that should be allowed to sell their very products, and if they go defunct and someone LEGALLY buys the right to continue their line of products or sell some software, those that bought the very rights to do this or that shouldn't be allowed to do that very thing.

What you are saying makes absolutely NO sense to me...?
Well, let me explain...

I'm not saying that because Cloanto didn't developed any of the Amiga stuff they are not allowed to sell it.

IF Commodore or Escom (so I can get the message through) were still "alive" and doing the same as Nintendo (putting out new products and giving access to an old catalog of games - as is in VC's case) I wouldn't find it wrong, because they were still supporting the machine, like "they did" 20 years ago.

What I'm trying to say is that Cloanto's business strategy is not to develop new AMIGA solutions neither improve on them. Yes, they are selling AE, which IMO is a good piece of software (and they have the right to sell THAT). But in the process they are forbidding people from getting a 20 year old product (which they have the LEGAL right to sell) for free (which should be by now - I'll get to it) so one can play games that can't buy anymore (1st hand).

Why should it be free? Well, Commodore is not more. I can't buy a new Amiga anymore, I can't buy new amiga games. Next to none software is being developed for it and from what I've read here, the owners of the roms didn't care much if they were being distributed in the net or not (If it's true that it was Cloanto closing all the websites that had them, after acquiring the licenses).

That's why IMO every person are against Cloanto. For making money on a dead horse.

Personally I don't care if Cloanto sells this or that, I rather give my money to the WHDload team or Toni "WinUAE", the ones that in REALITY are keeping the scene alive.

Either way, we are just sharing our opinions. I already have the roms, LEGALLY extracted from my AMiGAs.

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