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Originally Posted by Anubis
If you read couple posts back, you'll note that this is new. They are included in latest CD/DVD release of AF.

Not everyone can buy new versions every year.

Some of us get them even without paying for them... or we pay some other ways... No, I'm not thinking illegally.
IMHO OS3.1 adf was always in AF package. Eg. AmigaSYS supports AF as a source for the system files. They even have AF banner on their site!

What I am trying to say is that you tried to blame someone without having enough information. And in addition you made a quick conclusion it's because they compete with other packs like AIAB, AmigaSYS etc. That's what I don't like and you should stop using such a logic. Otherwise it makes it hard to discuss with you if your emotions are more important than the facts, you know.

No offends Anubis, that's just my point of view, I have nothing against you. And I am sorry if some of my previous posts were a bit ironical towards you.
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