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Originally Posted by andreas
Why pay for a lot of stuff that is usually OUTDATED when the new AF comes out and which you'd hardly use? Moreover, zillions of programs can be downloaded for free on Aminet.
I think that one of the reasons this very kind of issue appears where many people feel upset with Cloanto is that the community doesn't really see that Amiga Forever isn't mainly directed to the Amiga community, but people in general that want to have an instant way of playing around with an 'Amiga' on their PC.

It seems that most of the ones that are bothered with Cloanto is bothered with them because they don't offer the OS's and the ROM's to the community (at least cheaply, without all the added goodies... because Amiga using people already have all the goodies). I wouldn't mind a bundle that could be bought with only the ROM's and the OS-disks, so in theory I would support your suggestion. In reality, though, I have no clue as of what their license looks like, if they even are legally entitled to sell such a bundle... but, if that is what you guys want, why not get in contact with Cloanto and bring forth your suggestions (if you haven't done so already)?

Originally Posted by Anubis
And also we agree that amiga community does not have much chance of growing thanks to Cloanto. Not like Atari community, where roms are free of charge?
Didn't you just say that the discussion was pointless? In whatever case... once again, apparently Cloanto does not own the rights to the ROM's or the different versions of the OS, so it isn't up to them to decide if they should be released for free or not... what is it about this that is so hard to get? Cloanto isn't the reason that the community isn't growing if the community isn't growing because of non free OS-versions or ROM's... it is the copyright holders (or simply, the owners of the ROM's and OS-versions)!

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