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If I read VERY closely ...

I even agree with some points of the original poster.
But I will be very specific...

* The fuckin Kickstart and Workbench should by now be a free download. Those fatass execs who managed to buy the rights are making cash off Amiga Nostalgia fans with something they didn't contribute the slightest to develop.
No. I have no problems to pay for a licensed product like Kickstart/Workbench if there's a proper licensee. In this case, there is: Cloanto.

they try to sell their glorious overpriced package by seducing their customers to download Amiga games for free.
Yes, it's overpriced.

* Most of the Amiga Forever package comes from other people's hard work: Linux, UAE, Fellow, Demos (even by Pirate Group!!! Scoopex), Picasse96, etc, etc.
True ...

So basically they sell 'their' Kernel for 40 bucks on a CD where 98% of content is just picked up from other peoples work...
That is just why ...

I have been suggesting an Amiga Forever Lite for years!
ONLY (!) Kickstart and Workbench, and that's it!
And I am stating here publicly: I will be the first buyer!
I want to support legal Amiga emulation, but I am not going to pay for junk crammed on the CD which I have to pay extra money for!

For ... why pay for a lot of stuff that is usually OUTDATED when the new AF comes out and which you'd hardly use? Moreover, zillions of programs can be downloaded for free on Aminet.

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