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Originally Posted by Anubis
And just to add I'm tired of this pointless discussion in which you're trying to prove me something 90% of us (and maybe including you) don't believe. Let's just finish at: we have different opinions, and I will continue not to support Cloanto, while you better support them. Commodore Amiga mark somehow tends to glue to the companies that get out of business. Or at least participate in help to our hero who is looking for free roms web sites. (in other words, do something constructive )
Not that Cloanto is encouraging piracy in any way... you do have Dream17, you do have other sites which holds legal Amiga games... you do have AmiNet with quite some PD-games, you do have... e.t.c., e.t.c., but, yes, they make it sound a tad (?) easier to obtain the game software legally than it is in reality. But, on the other hand, tell me one company that doesn't make their advertising seem a bit 'over the top'.

Oh. Well. Anyways.

By the way, I am NOT trying to prove anything in particular (and I don't know what it is, that you are talking about, that people don't believe in general). I am just rather fed up with comments (to threads like this one, for example) that seem to have nothing to do with reality... were it feels painfully obvious that people isn't even TRYING to see the bigger picture (that often is to be seen if one just bothers about looking just slightly past ones predetermined opinions). And, no, I am not blaming someone in particular now. It is more in a 'generally speaking' fashion.

Though, I am glad that opinions differ. Otherwise there wouldn't be much to discuss at all.
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