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Originally Posted by Legerdemain
What are you talking about? The Nintendo Entertainment System, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and the Nintendo 64 are all dead systems... aswell as most of the others that will be emulated through the Virtual Console.

Just like Nintendo will be offering a chance of re-living the past with games for 'dead' consoles (PC-Engine, MegaDrive/Genesis and others included), Cloanto is offering a chance of re-living the past with software for the 'dead' classic Amiga.

Besides, the fact that Commodore is no more doesn't mean that all of the IP's related to the Amiga has vanished into thin air.
Isn't Wii a Nintendo product? Isn't the Virtual Console a service offered by Nintendo? That, to me, makes all the difference. They are selling their products, even that they are from dead systems. (Putting aside other machines that will be emulated as well).

IMHO, if Commodore was still in business and putting out products I wouldn't find it wrong if they were still making money out of their 20 year old products, eg Amiga Roms. Just like Nintendo is doing with it's VC.
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