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Conversions of popular retro-titles.

Hello everyone

For a while now, I've been wanting to do a PC conversion of some of the great classics out there, but don't have the energy to code it and deal with graphics at the same time.

My question is, are there any budding artists, or GFX rippers out there who would be willing to work on such a project with me as a coder?

Here are my ideas for a conversion :

1) Make a carbon copy of an old classic
2) Give a game the hi-color treatment it always deserved
3) Make a sequel for a game that always deserved one.

Option 3 is my favourite - To make the sequel that a game always deserved, but never actually got.

I know there's a lot of classic gamers on this board, and I'm sure you all have at least one game that you'd love to see a sequel to.

If there's anyone out there interested in taking on this project with me, contact me by PM or by E-Mail (

I hope someone gets in touch
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