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Originally Posted by Anubis
All the time I was ClassicWB supporter and you can see that in CWB subforum. But it's hard to recommend someone new to amiga ClassicWB as both kickstart and workbench 3.0/3.1 are required. And here we go back to 'Cloanto suck' topic.
Well, yes, I can understand that fully. That is, that it is hard to recommend ClassicWB because of such a thing. But Cloanto doesn't OWN the rights to the differents OS'es and the ROM's (as far as I understand it), they have only LICENSED the rights to include them. Cloanto does their thing, and if ClassicWB and such require 3.0/3.1 OS and ROM's, the authors of ClassicWB should really be the ones talking to the copyright holders about getting the rights to include those things with the package.

Originally Posted by Anubis
And since when stating your own opinion is 'bashing'?
I consider it bashing when repeatadly claming this or that, with talking down on this or that (in this case Cloanto), without even checking the facts.

Originally Posted by Anubis
No, Cloanto as far as I know is not distributing WB3.1 ADFs. Some poor sould who paid for new package please confirm this.
(I updated this part of my post since I found a better quote, but someone beat me to it)

Quoted from their site:

"Amiga Forever includes ROM and system disks between version 1.0 and 3.1, including 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 2.04, 2.05, 2.1, 3.0 and 3.1. Beta versions (e.g. "1.4", which was then released as 2.0), and versions released only for a specific type of hardware (e.g. the relatively buggy 2.00 which worked only on the A3000, or a special version of the 1.3 operating system to support the A2024 monitor) are not included. These items have been licensed to Cloanto by the successors of Amiga Corporation (formerly Hi-Toro) and include newer developments by Cloanto and by other third parties."

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