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Originally Posted by Anubis
People (if they) are buying Amiga ForMoney because that is the only 'legal' way to get amiga kickstart and workbench. (BS, you don't get WB3.1 with it and I doubt that Cloanto has right to everything included in WB3.1)
You're right. It's the only 'legal' way to obtain AmigaOS ROMs for newcomers. Otherwise, it would be legally unrechable. I doubt Amiga Inc or whoever is the owner of these ROM would care to make some ROM package for newcomers, needless to say it would not be for free!

And why the old Amigans are so angry, I don't understand this. They already have their real machines, so they already have AmigaOS ROM. They can set up their own emulation system with this ROM, they don't need Cloanto at all. I don't understand when someone claimed: "Why I should pay twice"? You don't need to. Just use your ROM and use it for emulation.

Just small example. I'm talking to someone who never had an Amiga. He moved from C64 to PC. I explain him that Amiga had nice sound/gfx, that a lot of C64 games have been made on Amiga too and that they look and play better.

He likes to try it, but it is illegal until he buys roms from Cloanto. (and rest of the crap that they sell)

And this is where his interest in Amiga ends.
I can say similar story about someone who admires a new car but when it comes to money the interest is over.

Any more about this except your word for it??

If Cloanto does not own the roms, then who owns them?
I appreciate you are finally trying to search for the facts.
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