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Originally Posted by Ultron
People are paying for the "product", because Cloanto eliminated all fair and free ways to get them by eliminating all Websites and Users providing them. It's called a monopoly - even if a "legal" one.
Get real. Even if Cloanto have sought to eliminate some sites (I don't know if they have, but what I do now and don't know doesn't really matter in this very case) they are not the only ones having done so when it comes to protecting the Amiga's IP's. My point? Claiming that Cloanto have eliminated ALL fair and free ways of getting hold of blah blah blah is anything but true, and they are certainly not the devil, trying to break up the entire community just to get some cash in their pockets. Not saying that you shouldn't have the right to blame them for this or that, but what you are claiming above is simply not true.

Originally Posted by Ultron
Cloanto is only providing things that were all free and available once. They made them ilegal, and enforced them being ilegal by legal harassment and bullying of Website, Users, and Fans.

These Kickstarts and Workbenches, were all payed by Amiga users back in the day. These things, for all other platforms are available for free. The 1.3 and 3.1 Amiga has been dead for over a decade. The only platform out there that's this old and still has jackals picking away at it's cadaver is the Amiga.
Once again, get real! Just WHEN where the Amiga's ROM's and different versions of Workbench free to be LEGALLY (because that is what, in reality, matters here) spread around? Just because there are computers that are officially dead and few of the companies behind them cares to bother about their IP's being spread around all over the net doesn't mean that it is necessarily legal. Copyright is copyright by law, no matter what one feels about it.

And, to say that the Amiga is the only old computer that someone seems to bother about when it comes to copyright, that is just plain silly and untrue. And, once again, what you claim is free is not necessarily free looking at the law concerning copyright.

Originally Posted by Ultron
I understand that Cloanto needs money. We all do, But my sugestion is that maybe they should get real jobs, like everyone else. Selling free software + abandonware + stuff that everyone already bought once in the 80\90's twice sure isn't beyond ethical reproach. Must be a great "Job" though. I wish i had it. Burn other people's Software on CD's and make free cash - I think there's another name for that 'profession' actually, but there you go.
Abandonware is, and have always been, a term dictated by the community to try to justify priacy of old software which in reality still is under copyright. What I am trying to say here is that Cloanto can't be blamed for looking after their IP's just like Amiga Inc. can't be blamed for looking after theirs. One could consider them being silly, stupid, suckers or whatever, but still... copyright is copyright. Somone owning a company themselves, no matter the size, would certainly understand at least partially what I am trying to say here. Bitching about what the law says on copyright, at least to me, feels more like the way to go...

Just a little side note: there is very little, if anything, in this post above giving away my personal opinions on copyright and piracy (I simply don't see any reason to discuss that in this very thread). So please don't read in between the lines of what I have written to try to see something that isn't there to be found.

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