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Originally Posted by Legerdemain
Since Cloanto have obtained a license for including the ROM's on their package, Cloanto isn't really the one to blame for not releasing the ROM's for free
Actually, they are. These Kickstarts were available all over the web until "Cloanto" came along and "Licensed" them out of "Amiga Inc."

Then they went on a Crusade rampage and tore down every single site that had them (or merely seemed to!). And to this day they keep doing it.

It was all available for free, abandonwared if unspoken, until Cloanto looked at it and thought: "Hey, people seem to want them, let's burn them on a CD and make cash!"

Then they "Licensed" it of "Amiga Inc." Of whatever "Amiga Inc." i can't even remember, whatever one existed at the time, in between all the "Bankruptcies" they filed to escape paying debts, or being liable for all the weird coupon scams they ran with users money of. All goodfellas. "Amiga Inc.", "Cloanto"'s burning CD society, and their numerous eSnitch soldiers, the lot of them - All nice, honest, fellas. God bless 'em all
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