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Originally Posted by Anubis
@Legerdemain - I don't think that their product is worth money. Why someone might need their WB replacement when there are nicer and more useful replacement such as ClassicWB and AIAB?? (both free)
I'm perfectly fine with you not thinking their product is worth money, and it is great that you have found other software solutions that you find better. I would not mind owning Amiga Forever, though... because I think it is a nice package. Taste differs, and I am thankful for that... otherwise the world wouldn't be that interesting.

Originally Posted by Anubis
Why they don't sell roms by it self for reasonable price having in fact that this is something 15-20 years old? Oh, then they can't charge high enough to make high margine?
Because it isn't their intention to sell ROM's. Can't blame them for that. And, of course they want to make as much profit as possible, why shouldn't they?
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