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while i dislile the fact kickstart roms are copyrighted still, i don't agree with you guys insulting Cloanto for being its businness. law is from their side, even if they have for sure limited somehow the amiga emulation scene in the last years. limited of a little amount probably!
damn, you guys that complain have probably not refrained from emulation for sure, and while some of you may have had the original thing and extracted the kickstart from it i can hardly imagine you go buying the rom from Cloanto for the purpose of emulation, but the one guy that has declared so.
but you are emulating nevertheless.
c'mon, what do you consider helping the scene instead? come in EAB and post some poll of your fave game? this discussion is infantile as it can get imho.
please be my guest and continue, who knows, maybe that company, awestruck like from a lighting out of the blue, will drop any and all copyrights, give free amigas at the corner of the street to hungry and homeless children
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