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Originally Posted by Anubis
Legerdemain, I'm not sure if you're trying to say if Cloanot is helping or not helping Amiga scene... Can you be more specific?
No, I can't... because I don't know if Cloanto is helping, or not helping, the Amiga scene. Like I said earlier, I just can't see how they are hurting the community... and, that I believe that they are selling a product worth paying for (since people apparently are paying for the product). No ethics put into it all (hence I didn't reply to the post asking me if the mafia was worth paying for since people are paying for it; that was just ridicilous and completely not my point).

What I was trying to say in my previous post, though, was that if the people with material on the Clonato DVD's haven't complained about their material being 'flogged' I don't really see the problem...

Originally Posted by Anubis
Just small example. I'm talking to someone who never had an Amiga. He moved from C64 to PC. I explain him that Amiga had nice sound/gfx, that a lot of C64 games have been made on Amiga too and that they look and play better.

He likes to try it, but it is illegal until he buys roms from Cloanto. (and rest of the crap that they sell)

And this is where his interest in Amiga ends.
Since when have people, in general, bothered about what is illegal or not (when it comes to this very matter)? Now, seriosly... how many people have decided AGAINST emulating this or that system because they can't obtain the files needed for the emulation legally?

I do see your point, however, but I don't believe for a second that it has hurt the community to any large extent that the ROM's isn't freely distributable, because people will find ways of obtaining for them free anyways. But, yes, of course, if the ROM's were free and free to use for whatever one wants to use them for... things would look different.

Edit: just to get something clarified (which I do not know much about); do Cloanto own the rights to everything related to the earler Amiga ROM's? In other words, are they the one with ownership of the ROM's and thus, are they the ones which decides wether or not the old kickstard/ROM's are to be released for free or not?

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