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I think the point is, if Cloanto werent rigorously enforcing their purchased IP rights, then the Amiga emulation scene would have been more accessible for a lot of people, which in turn would have created greater interest and development in the Amiga emulation scene due to their being more users and general interest.

Instead we have the opposite general effect.

Thank god for people like Toni and other die hards who continue to invest their time into software for emulation and those few who still develop some form of software on the Amiga platform. They are the ones who are truly still supporting the Amiga, and Cloanto has the nerve to claim they're the supporters and feeders of the scene, by flogging their purchased roms and everyone elses hardwork on a cd.

Does anyone know if some of those authors actually got some form of compensation from Cloanto for this? I know this is why a lot of people wont GPL their softare or create open source for fear some profit monger is going to come in and whack their hard work on some sort of compilation they flog purely for their own profit.

Cloanto can rot as far as Im concerned, the only thing that would have been worse is a company buying the IP and putting it in a deep freeze, but if they had you'd probably never have had a single web host receive a legal note about hosting said material.
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