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* the C64 was not shitty, it just ruled!
* everybody who *knows* IT history and hasn't only been a PC fanboy knows that Amiga was by far superior to all PCs from '85 to something like '93.

unfortunately many PC users kept saying "Amiga is only for games". Even my IT schoolteacher kept saying that. He was just a dumb tunnel-vision moron of course who didn't have a clue at all. I had been coding the C64 in Assembler, done 3d anim stuff and graphics on Amiga, and knew every config.sys line by heart. Then you get in school and have a 6-months-course teacher talking bullshit to you
Amiga HAD great games, but at the same time could do anything a lame PC could do, and much more. People just were too dumb to aknowledge that.

here's what Amiga stood for, and PCs just sucked:
* put a disk in, and voila: in 1 second you had something great on screen.
* preemptive multitasking
* better filesystem with .long.filenames etc.
* great Workbench funktionality (Windows 3.11 (1992) surely inspired by Amiga)
* every Program you got just worked right away, with PCs it was always a pain in the ass to reconfig your system, some things wouldn't run at all (eg. Gravis Sound)
* systemwide datatypes (something like windows registry which came much later)
* great stereo sound while PCs could just beep for a very long time.
* totally resource friendly - show me a PC with 512kb that you can work with as good !

I could go on with that list, but as said - people who know history know that things.
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