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I guess the end game is that i find it sad that guys who want to konw the Amiga and it's amazing world, can't, because it's not easily and freely accessible.

Cloanto is making money. But i wonder at what cost of how many lost members of the Amiga emulation scene. Dozens? hundreds? Couple of thousands? I lay the blame of the comparatively low member figure of the Amiga emulation scene straight at the door of Cloanto. How many fans have been lost? How many fan sites have been brought down? How many Amiga fans have they stopped serving?

I'm still of the time where Amiga owners of the 80's and 90's - Like myself - could get Workbench and Kickstart out of any website out there. Then came Cloanto.

How many dozens of Websites disappeared i have even lost track. The Amiga doesn't deserve this. The Amiga deserved more. Alot more.
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