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Originally Posted by Legerdemain
Since people are willing to pay for Amiga Forever they must consider it be a product worth paying for.
People are also willing to pay the Mafia. Do you consider Mafia Protection a Product worth paying for too?

A nice thing of Amiga Forever is surely the videos on the Pro Edition, although I probably will never see them cause I dont wanna pay $60 for those vids.
Anyway, it's a nice touch.

Originally Posted by adolescent
Amiga preserving content should not contain currently marketed products (in this case OS3.9). This has been an accepted rule for ages yet guru64 (aka Minuous) chose not to accept it.
I don't know what you're smoking, but I never mentioned OS3.9. I frankly am not interested in OS3.9 anyway since I only care about the true retro Amigas like A500,A1200,A4000...
As for this Minuous, tell me how you came to the conclusion that we're the same guy. I don't know him. (Admin probably can prove that by checking IPs)

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