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no wait we have gone this way already guys. there's nothing to be add to that imho.

glwxxx: no noone has proved to be lawless (i get your post short), someone has instead proved not to be able to have always 1) pacate discussion on the board 2) behave rules of EAB 3) understand the warnings of the mods. all said and done, people had some kind of agreement on drop the stuff, but i see that it was wishful thinking on my side.

Cloanto is free to do businness as it wants, as long as it does it inside the law: you disagree with that? take it with them.
on the other side, that statement reported in the start of this thread by said company, is advertising as it could be. it is completely not based on facts. and anyone is entitled to not like Cloanto. as long as he refrains from insults please.

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