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Originally Posted by glwxxx
taken from

"We like to believe that Amiga emulation has in general been well-accepted also because, thanks to Amiga Forever, it is properly licensed and supported. If that were not the case, the situation of Amiga emulation in 1997 or 1998 could have been similar to what happened to other systems: police raids, legal actions, court battles, etc.
Or it could have gone the way of Spectrum emulation. Amstrad allowed free distribution of the Speccy ROMs for emulation purposes. What's the situation now? Dozens of top quality emulators for every computer platform capable of running them. I've even got a Speccy emulator on my phone. This archive currently has 14,116 legally redistributable, yet formerly commercial, Spectrum files:

What would the world of Amiga emulation look like now if the Kickstart ROMs weren't being sold as part of an overpriced bundle of free and GPL software? Would games publishers feel more comfortable about freely distributing their old games for emulators if the ROMs themselves were free? It certainly worked for the Speccy.

Yes, Cloanto are performing a function by allowing people to use Amiga emulators, but please Cloanto - don't try and convince me you're doing anyone a favour because you're such a philanthropic organisation. You make money. You run a business. If there wasn't any money to be had you wouldn't be doing it.

Oh, and "properly licensed"? That would be properly licensed from a company that bought the IP from a company that bought the technology from another company that bought it from another company that bought it from a company that went bankrupt? How does that considerable degree of separation instill any confidence in the product from a corporate point of view?


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