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Originally Posted by glwxxx
Is AmigaOS3.x really so old? If you want something, you should pay for it. That's fair. Supply&Demand. Comunism doesn't work, really. They were trying it here for about 40 years and, at the end, it turned out there is nobody to make the bread anymore (if we keep using the metaphores of course).
Kickstart 1.3 is nearly 20 years old...

Do cloanto sell real Kickstart disks for my A1000?

I did pay for it, when I bought my amiga, why should I pay for it again?

If cloanto want to make new software like Amiga Explorer and Personal Paint or even a better Amiga emulator then good luck to them, I would even consider supporting them.

But by selling the kickstart of a dead system where none of the profits go to the people that made it they are just sucking the blood from a dead corpse and killing the scene. And the fact that they have you and other errand boys running around killing the scene by closing down websites proves how they want to suck every last drop.

So the title of this thread is 100% correct "Cloanto Sucks"
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