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Originally Posted by glwxxx
Sure, maybe you're right. However they are the licence holder and that's an objetive fact. They invested their money into it like every other company which want to make profit. And who said Amiga is charity? Similiarly I was annoyed by the status of MUI. Author still asks the shareware fee for it even though the software hasn't been updated for 10 years!!! But it is his right to ask the fee. He invested lot of time and energy into MUI. That's life.
i never said that they are not entitled to do their businness. i just say their businnes is, imho, more of a damage to the scene than, as they put it, a blessing. it is like you say, there's nothing about charity in this.
Originally Posted by Whitesnake
The solution is simple, ClassicWB is a much superior setup.
yes, to me too.
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