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Well i suppose we can see it this way. Weve been screwed and screwed and screwed over and over by promises that have never come true.

But if someone or some company does try to revive some semblence of the Amiga, then no matter who is behind it, its still going to be baby steps and every achievement doesnt happen overnight. The reason why most people give up, is because they want a result sooner rather than later.

We have been waiting 12 years for a result though, and nothing has come of it. People quit though because they dont think big, its too hard or they tell themselves it will never happen, so it never does. Maybe one day it will, but that one day had better be soon and with better ideas behind it.

Most of us seem to spend everyday posting on this board. So there must be something more behind where we would like the Amiga to be other than a hobby. On the other hand though, what made the Amiga great is something that will be hard to replicate all over again.
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