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Originally Posted by glwxxx
I just quoted the website... Anyway I think lot of programmers would really have left the scene much earlier. The platform would exist of course, however with 1998 software as the latest... Who knows.
you're talking about 1998 software? At that time the Amiga was already dead a long time in my opinion. See, I only count 68xxx machines as Amigas. Some of the newer hardware may have been nice to work with, but they were no Amiga anymore I don't care what name they carried, it just didn't work out. So for me, the Amiga was the machine with the cool custom chips,
ahead of it's time, and not some PPC or whatever thing.
PS. I also was a bit thrilled (during 2000 or so) when rumour spread that the new Amiga would carry the wonderous Transmeta chip. but as all other developments it proved to be either crap, fake, unfinished, or whatever. So get a clue guys, Amiga is dead - although it's still a great thing to own, work and have fun with. All future developments ARE NOT Amigas. There may come cool things, new tech, but for heaven's sake give it another name and let this great machine rest in peace.
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