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Originally Posted by glwxxx
taken from

"We like to believe that Amiga emulation has in general been well-accepted also because, thanks to Amiga Forever, it is properly licensed and supported. If that were not the case, the situation of Amiga emulation in 1997 or 1998 could have been similar to what happened to other systems: police raids, legal actions, court battles, etc. Under such circumstances, many programmers, as they have stated, would not create any Amiga emulation software, or any new versions thereof, and there may be little left of the Amiga emulation scene. Instead, Amiga emulation evolved and prospered."
indeed: MAME, ZSNES, HazeMD, Atari800WinPlus, atari++, Cyberstella, Emu7800, Handy, Stella, xf25, SainT, Steem, VColecoWin, CCS64, Frodo, minus4w, winvice, Caprice32, CoPaCabana, WinAPE, wincpc, Neoragex, Raine, Nebula, Winkawaks, DOSBox, Chankast,CowBite, Rascalboy, VisualBoyAdvance, blueMSX, openMSX, fakenes, Jnes, Nesticle, Nestopia, nintendulator, virtuanes, Gens32, KEGA, wgens, dse, EmuZWIN, snem, snesgt, snes9x, dcmo5, oswan, they all wouldn't be now if not for properly licensed and supported software.
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