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^Nobody has to feel guilty because he copied games from his friends.
THAT didn't kill the Amiga. The ONLY thing that killed the Amiga were stupid company execs who constantly failed to bring up a competetive new Amiga system.
Amiga was ahead of its time a lot with it's awesome custom chips etc. ...but as time went by the Company just failed to compete to standard PCs.

I still love my Amigas and the cool time it gave me from '87 to around '95 when I finally dedicated more time with PCs which had by that time overtaken Amiga tech by far.

Amiga tech was simply also way too expensive. You could buy a PC Harddisk for a few bucks, but the same stuff for Amiga cost a fortune

It was and is a great machine, and will always stay in my heart.

-Owner of 2xA500, 1xA1200, 1xA2500/30

and I still love to play the games on UAE. currently Hired Guns and others...

And YES I had like 3 ShoeBoxes of Amiga Floppies copied besides 10-15 Originals, and was an active Member of Cracking scene.

PS. On 2nd opinion the copying may have hurt gamecompanies. Since I was ~15 years old I didn't think twice when getting a new crack, and I don't have a bad feeling about it. Older people with an income should of course be more responsible. Maybe the majority of Amiga users were kids back then? I don't know. Now, since I got my own cash, I usually buy the games that I really like to play, but I still use cracks sometimes. Having a box, manual, and those goodies makes playing a game much more enjoyable, and you also spend much more time with something you bought.

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