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cant believe

Oh Man. I can hardly believe this shit I am reading.

the new hardware Samantha, blablabla. some CPU with 500MHz and an ATI Radeon Mobility M9 integrated graphic chip, with 64Mb ram DDR, and even some PCI Slots.

Where can I order this State of the Art piece of hardware. I know this will be the revival of Amiga and beginning of it's World Domination. crushing Microsoft Intel and AMD alltogether presented on Pianeta Amiga
Is this some garage meeting of 3 guys and their dogs? cant be much more.

sorry. this is just too funny to read.


PS. guess I can throw my Intel Core2Duo (~6GHz) and GeForce 7900GT in the thrash this christmas
PPS. Makes me wonder if I shouldn' label my old Pentium garbage machines "Amiga 2006" and sell it to some weirdos for OS4 usage.

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