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I voted SNES because of Mario Kart, SF2, Super Aleste, Super Mario World, Contra Spirits, Super Ghouls n Ghosts, Street Racer oh the list is endless.

I also previously owned a Megadrive (Genesis) with great games such as Revenge of Shinobi (Super Shinobi), E-Swat, Gynoug, Aeroblasters, Golden Axe..........again the list goes on.

Both fantastic machines but Mario Kart/SF2/Mario World were my all time favs on the SNES. That console had the best designed gamepads ever, so great to use, that's why Sony ripped them off and simply added 2 extra buttons and later some analogue sticks.

Got a playstation as well but never really got into it even though I've got loads of games.

In fact the games I played the most on it were Bubble Bobble, Rainbow Islands and X-Men vs Street Fighter! That's right, all 2D.

Only 3D game I ever played was Quake multiplayer with four friends. What a waste! 3D console and I play 2D games.
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