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As I started out playing some fighting games on arcade (which only have sticks), I play best in some games with a stick.. but if it's a new game, I do best with a gamepad.. I have no problem doing all those hcf (half circle forward, 380 degrees and stuff. ,, it's just as easy as with a stick imo.. but a gamepad is much more comfortable... then for those games, like MK where you have to press like b,b,cb, f, hfc... I also prefere gamepad... much more accurate... it's easier for me to press a direction with a pad than a joystick.... and the pad has smaller control area which gives faster stearing movement, if you get what I mean...

I kick as in Killer Instinct with both joystick and gamepad... played it like crazy on arcade, and then on snes with a KI fan buddy.....
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