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Originally Posted by alkis21
...don't you think the Amiga deserves more credit?
Yes and no.
I like my Amiga and I’d love it to have been more influential today… how ever the post is written from how I perceive the general opinion. Ok, it’s a bit presumptive to say that I know how everyone feels. But the fact that the first post touched upon, that the amiga legacy is pretty much unknown outside of us amiga devotees, is something I agree with.

So Yes I would personally have loved the amiga to be more influential. And yes it ruled the late 80s for games

No, in the way that I don’t feel that the amiga really did anything to really influence todays PC market in a decisive way. There are of course several perspectives, gameplay, hardware, Internet overall … but even seen in this light the amiga is hard to put in context. 3d FPS rules the market, PCs are essentially “build what you prefer” from parts and install your fav OS.

Note that I use the phrase “really influence” It’s not that C= didn’t do anything.. It’s just that I feel that factors like for example "internet Pcs", IBM vs PC clones, apple VS MS, 3dfx VS nvidia, intel VS AMD are way more what paved the way. Going further back the business PC market didn't really compete with the amiga

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