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Originally Posted by Ironclaw
Never been a fan of joysticks.... gamepads is the best and most comfortable controller imo...

Used a sega gamepad with my miggy... 2 buttons... good in MK.. kick with one and punch with the other...

Each to their own and all that... but I'm a bit surprised that you like gamepads over joysticks, especially as I'm sure I've read somewhere that you consider yourself to be the master of fighting games...

Personally I love joysticks much more than gamepads, hence the reason for me having a wicked HotRod SE for arcade use instead of just using my Xbox pads. You get much more control / precision, it's in a totally different league

Tell me how the hell can you pull off maneuvers in Street Fighter II (e.g. Zangief's pole driver i.e. 360 degrees spin) or in The King of Fighters series (e.g. "special" moves i.e. half circle from back to forward then half circle forward to back) on a gamepad???
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