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the USB variant of the original CompPro is NOT identical in feel, it is more clicky and requires slightly more distance to cover, the original has a more solid feel and does not require extra millimeters to move from L to R etc.

Same remark for buttons, the original ones are silent and do not need to travel more than 1 or 2mm to make contact, the new ones feel like you got to push it real deep and the dreaded click again can be heard.

I would really like to have a perfect feel CompPro model for USB and 9pin Dsub for retrogamers... makes me feel melancholic remembering in a store back in the mid 80s seeing a whole cubic meter of original Suzo CompPro joysticks for sale, not zipsticks or other copycats!

I was quite honestly a bit disappointed, and already opened up one to see if I could tighten the stick a bit to make it feel like the compPro, but no luck

At least I am lucky still to have 2 original CompPro sticks I had since 1985 from my C64!!! One with a red handle and one with a black handle. They still work perfect (once I had to open one up back in 1988 I believe since the dipswitch was jammed, but it popped out instantly and still works 18 years later as it always did)

I never got used to gamepads, I prefer to have something fixed on a table and play like that, not waving with the gamepad in my hands like a moron in virtual space... the WII gamepad may make me look less stupid when I will touch it!!
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