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If you talk to alot of people in todays world, or even way back in the early 90's, you will find that none have heard of the Amiga or what influence it had on the market. Its always Apple &
I’ve been thinking about the same thing. Especially now since im reading “on the edge, The spectacular rise and fall of Commodore” Two things comes to mind

1, It didn’t really.
2, The winner (re)wrights history.

1, The Vic-20 or C64 where really the influential, powerful and way cheaper then other computers.

2, In the games area Consoles beat the Amiga, with a good margin. Both on profiling and games. In the buissness arena the amiga was a good video tool and OK for other things. Once the 486:es where out PCs did pretty much everything better then amiga.

So basically seen from two major influential perspectives, games and business the amiga at best had some mediocre ports to other systems (ie Gods, lemmings) and then a niche market as a cheap video tool.

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