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lets see games that are a must (atleast for me) to be made into a Jammer Cabinet and if there already made... well thats just to bad lol

Good Arcade Games :-

1. Zara Thrusta
2. Super Foul Eggs
3. ALIEN BREED (SE/92 even Tower Assualt)
4. Chaos Engine (prefearble AGA)
5. Paradroid 90
6. Uridium
7. Apocolypse
8. Desert / Jungle Strike
9. Sensi Scoccer
A. SpeedBall 2
B. Walker (imagining the demo running while not in play)
C. BodyBlows Galactic AGA.
D. Benefactor
E. Wing Commader 3
F. Super Frog
G. Shadow Fighter
H. Skeleton Crew

and i am sure there are MANY more..
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