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Thumbs up A1200 on Ebay

Hiya All,
I just bought a A1200 off ebay from a guy in Kent for £48.00 and £18.00 postage. The machine arrived ok only thing is the Ctrl Amiga Amiga reset doesnt work and I may need to get a new keyboard.

I opened up the machine and took the keyboard out and checked the contacts and couldnt find a thing wrong with the membrane or the key contacts there is only one key that seems not to work and I cannot figure out why as the contacts are okay! its a mystery to me.

So whatz all the high prices being paid for A1200's $100 dollars is about £75 or something so then I must have got a bargain for £48.00 .

Now if anyone there has an Amiga 1200 Spare keyboard going... and why does the Hard drive not boot up straight away when I turn the machine on... then after I turn it of an on again the Hard Drive boots... this is real flaky stuff!

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