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So you got PPC now What.

Heys bippym, and all those that have the PPC processor and graphics solution.

1. Things for the CPU(s) to do

So yes, you have a fast processor but to process what?. well heres the in thing, as the PPC is a non-native processor, why not consider a non-native operating system ?

Have you thought about LINUX ?
1. its very amiga-like and intuitive.
2. full graphics support including opengl libraries.
3. Open source emulators that run natively on LINUX inculding dosbox, snes, megadrive MAME the list goes on. (even a doom3 client out there)

4. FULL office suit that is compatible with M$ office apps.
5. A vibrant community of LINUX uses (not all wear cardigans and tanktops)
6. Developement suit of tools
7. many games are releasing linux clients of thier software so who knows
what you my run next.

Using Legacy: the reason the love is all thatis AMIGA

1. by using PPC/68k linux you can use an emulator for all that is amiga ?(its not much of as you already have the native hardware with just a libaray call away ) and before you know it a couple of keystrokes and you have the love of your life with workbench, apps and games.

2. using a simple partition, harddisk or even CF card, you can boot a native OS and play play play till your hearts content

Can be a little tricky to set up and configure.


So you got that smarty graphics what about my native graphic amiga apps/games.

Yeah you could buy a second monitor, or even a flicker fixer, all this can be expensive and a pain to setup and or damage our beloved amiga's. so how about this as a solution.

1. but a TV tuner box for a CRT/TFT by using an RGB to svideo you will get an awsome signal wich is then sent to the TFT or CRT and looks nice and crisp you can get them from here for arround the £30 mark, certainly cheaper than a second monitor or flicker fixer.

2. to really make the most of this I would add Video switcher (or kvm), to allow simple easy switching between modes.. if your lucky you may find the onw that allows keybaord combination like i have (i will dig it out and get a name for you guys later) this makes its a nice smooth transition between gfx cards and native modes.

so i hope that this is some food for thought
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