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Originally Posted by Paul
Thread renamed And Welcome to EAB

I've almost finished the first 'episode' of my little project, just finishing off 'terrorpods' atm, theres a confusing game... especially if you got it with the 10star pack like me, it didn't come with the proper instructions! No chance of getting anywhere in it with out those.

I'm preparing to gather the footage for the 2nd ep (1988), and i've come into a bit of a problem with Captain Fizz meets the Blastertrons. My original version simply doens't work at all anymore, i suspect the disks have simply decayed.

I've tried downloading all the .ADF versions i can find on the net and they all seem to get to the introscreen with the picture and music but when you press a key/button to get past it, nothing loads past that point.

Is there a known working version of Captain Fizz ?
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