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Originally Posted by killergorilla
Why do you wish to run NTSC games and a PAL workbench anyway?

why not just run an NTSC workbench in the first place if you wish to play NTSC games all the time?
I do not wish to run NTSC games all the time... I just prefer to run the dedicated NTSC version of the game if there is one (instead of running the PAL version in NTSC, which at times gives some strange results, like in some of the games earlier mentioned). I'd say that 99% of the games I do run on my Amiga, I run under PAL... because most of the games were made for PAL in the first place.

Running Workbench under 320*200 NTSC isn't really pleasant, according to me... the screen simply feels to small to be all that useful. The extra 56 rows of pixels you get when running in PAL easily makes me prefer PAL instead of NTSC.

The main reason for me bothering about NTSC and PAL at all... comes down to the fact that I am disturbed that many PAL-games shows their intro screens in full PAL-glory... just to throw us the actual gameplay screen also in PAL but using only the first 200 vertical pixels giving that ugly looking black border at the bottom of the screen. It just looks wrong, according to me. Brian the Lion, for example, looks like it was designed for NTSC... showing off 56 rows of black pixels at the bottom of the screen all the way through the game (which just looks plain ugly) but if run in NTSC the game slows down considerably at times when some visual effects are at work (there isn't even any NTSC dedicated version of that very game, as far as I know). It's just something that I have to accept... except in those cases that there are dedicated NTSC versions of particular games.

So, while in reality not being THAT problematic to me... it is one of those things that just bothers me. Just like some people can't stand to use TFT/Plasma screen together with any other resolution than they were designed for (just to avoid the 'blurred' effect or the 'wrong pixel aspect ratio' effect). Silly, yes, maybe... but I have always been pretty silly, I think... and I guess it all comes from the fact that I grew up with the NES, where we european people were given 50Hz versions of games that were designed to be run in 60Hz, often with music playing to fast or to slow, the entire gameplay always slowed down... always having to live with those damn black borders at the top and the bottom of the screen.

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