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1). I use an SVGA monitor.. correct? if so how do I use progs that don't support native for GFX screens (Games, early bootup etc..)
you will need a second monitor, think of it like having 2 gfx cards, an AGA one and a bvision one. when cgx loads , it kind of shuts down AGA, and bvision is used. when something uses AGA, then it becomes active and bvision goes to sleep.
also, if cgx is not loaded, then the ppc copies the aga data to the bvision (only 4 colors though if I remember correctly) , so the bvision can show all kind of boot menus, or even install an OS...

2). Games.. how? WHDLoad is a big reason for owning this setup.. are the Amiga native screens "promoted" to run on the svga monitor etc..
like above, when aga/ecs/ocs is used, the bvision sleeps, and aga becomes active...

3). can I still use my 1084s monitor?
sure, just plug it on the amiga video output, when bvision is used it will be all grey, and work fine when an AGA screen is used...
now u can understand why ppl like aga/rtg switchers...

4). Is it possible to get hold of a PPC ver of UAE that uses the 020/040 chips on the mobo/blizzard so that EMULATING is not required (only unsupported functions etc..) this would mean games "Should" run at full speed (except old blitter or cpu instructions )
nope... I asked the same, uae would get ULTRA-complex... also look answer #6...

5). Is OS4.0 PPC only? or should I read up on this?
for now it runs on bppc/csppc and the a1's...

6). If os4.0 is PPC only, then can the UAE use the 040 cpu (see Q 4) to emulate at full speed?
no, when the PPC OS is loaded, the 68k part and the custom chips get disabled completelly...

ask more!
all these answers made my esspresso cold!
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